Saturday, August 9

Module for IPS probationers

National Police Academy, Hyderabad is where I took my first lesson on policing in the year 1988 as an IPS probationer- my alma mater. Since 2001, I have been conducting a day long module for the succeeding batches of IPS probationers on "Supervision of Grave Crimes"- time to pay back to the alma mater. I have been witnessing the strides in the infrastructure development at the Academy over the years keeping pace with time and the succeeding generation of officers sharper and promising.....

Saturday, August 2

My Teaching Assignment at National Law School, Bangalore
With students of National Law School of India University, Bangalore. I'm currently conducting an elective single credit course (15 hrs) for the students of LLB, LLM & MPP on "Role of Police in Criminal Justice Administration" from 28 July to 1 August.

Publication of My New Book:

Link to my recently published book, "Community Policing as a Public Policy-Challenges & Recommendations" by Cambridge ScholarPublishing,UK. The print screen of the webpage is attached.