Tuesday, May 17

Spoke at the National Police Academy, Hyderabad in a Seminar on "Community Policing as Core Policing Strategy" on 16 May.
My argument was based on the premises that policing & community policing are synonymous in their philosophy. Because both aim at maintaining order in the society, which becomes easier with willing cooperation of the members of the public.

Sunday, May 15

A new batch of officers from Odisha Police Service (OPS) joins the State Police Academy, Bhubaneswar for their training. The batch strength is 13 and it was after 40 long years that Odisha Police got direct recruit OPS Officers. We hope that with their inclusion, the Odisha Police will benefit from their youth and fresh blood at the middle level supervisory officers.

I took few classes of the Officer Trainees at the Academy.

Monday, May 9

"Elo Bou Lo"- Oh my mother- if literally translated in English, is what comes out of my lips when my amygdalae direct me to face a fright or flight situation. Thanks to my mother who has been my emotional anchor.
We, my siblings, have aptly given her the title "Sarkar" for the efficient manner by which she governs the microcosm of our family.
Happy Mother's Day, Bou